Demo Reel

My demo reel, including motion graphics and animation.




A still life I modeled, textured, and rendered in Autodesk Maya 2016 and composited and edited in Adobe Photoshop. The still life consists of a bracelet given to me by a friend, a folding mirror that my mom had has a teen and gave to me, and jewelry box from Vietnam than my uncle gave my mom, who gave it to me. The objects are on the desk of my townhouse room on one of my mini table cloths.

Mittashane Clips

Clips from the “Mittashane” music video; I was responsible for the rotoscoping and the reference footage. Actor is Ryo, the lead singer of the band. Kaleidoscope patterns by Eric Gonzalez and music by “Castro House”.

The full video has been screened at Frack Fest, The Lake Charles Film Festival, Music Malt Online Festival, Animation Marathon, and The Blackbird Film Festival. It was nominated for two awards at the Blackbird Film Festival, including Best Animated Sequence and Best Upstate NY Film.