Character Design Exercises

Some character designs from a 3 theme challenge!

The first one, the Jelly Jelly idol, was designed for the themes dessert, animal, and pop idol.  This is JJ, the jelly jelly idol! She sings of course, but she enjoys dancing the most. The animal I chose was a jellyfish. Her headphones look like jellies, her ribbons look like the tentacles of the frillier species, and her skirts and top poof like a jellyfish body. Her hair is even a bit tentacle-y. The dessert I chose was jell-o, but I took inspiration from the really fancy kind of gelatin desserts where they layer different flavors and put fruit inside. Her underskirt has fruit pins all over, and her overskirt looks like gelatin that was formed in a bunt pan. Her socks have stripes to look like jell-o layers, and the color palette I used I created from photos of jelly desserts. Also, the pose was referenced from a Drop Pop Candy dance cover!

The second one, Lord Adrian, was designed for the themes technology, fairy tale, and clock. A cyborg beast inspired by Beauty and the Beast, with a countdown clock on his chest winding down until the time the body he was forced into will stop sustaining him. This nobleman accidentally slighted a mad scientist many years ago, and in disproportionate retribution, she chose him to be the first test subject for her cybernetics. To be even more petty, she build in a self-destruct module that will will destroy him when it’s finished counting down. She then turned on the staff, but was more merciful with them; only removing and replacing one limb or organ each. Only true love can save him, for who could love a beast? Well actually, it’s more like: who could love him enough to put all that work into trying to figure out how to free him from the cybernetics before it kills him? He’s only got 4 days left so they better hurry. Tick tock.

The third one, the fairy, was designed for the themes slime, fantasy, and decay
They say a fairy doesn’t do well when captured. They were meant for freedom and mischief, not captivity. You knew she’d lose her glow and slowly die. You didn’t know she’d make such a mess as it happened.

This fairy was captured and put in a little cage. The depression of captivity causes her to decay, before even dying, pieces of her melting into a viscous black slime. Its very acidic. Difficult to clean without burning oneself. A way to punish her captor one last time.


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