My interest in art started at a young age. I played video games with my dad as a child, and I loved drawing characters based off of my favorite games. I would always beg babysitters to play drawing games with me, and I hoarded sketchbooks, how-to-draw books, and folders full of loose paper. I pursued art electives whenever possible, eventually taking the two year IB art course in high school, which encouraged me to take the leap and go to college for Digital Media and Animation at Alfred State.

I focus primarily on concept work and illustration, but I also work with 3D models, motion graphics, and animation. Most of my art is about creating what can’t exist in this world, whether it be magical characters or fantastical environments. Other pieces are about expressing myself and creating self-portraits. But then, isn’t all work a self-portrait? Everything I make has a little piece of me in them, and it’s all an extension of myself, my thoughts, feelings, and my experiences.

I am currently based in Rochester, NY.

Software Expertise

Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, AfterEffects, Flash, Premier, and Illustrator), Autodesk (Maya and Mudbox), Unity.

Featured Exhibitions

The Coming Storm ׀ Critical Role RPG Show ׀ October 2016                           Public Domain

Senioritis ׀ April 2017                                                                                           Alfred, NY

  • Chara Medley
  • Digitally painted character design collection
  • Hinkle Memorial Gallery

Senior Showcase Supreme ׀ May 2017                                                               Alfred, NY

  • Parian & Rhomb
  • Digitally painted concept book and prints
  • Bret Llewellyn Gallery

You can contact me at ameliamaryphillips@gmail.com.